J & P Lighting--Specialize in Crystal Lighting, Crystal Chandeliers Dressed in Swarovski Crystal !s!

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                                                     Crystal Lighting 

   SP1800-16 SPIRAL/Gold.                   SP1800-20 SPIRAL/Chrome                       SP1800-30 SPIRAL/Gold. 

Model Number Dimension J & P low price
SP1800-16SPIRAL W16 X H36
SP1800-22 SPIRAL W22 X H60
SP1800-30 SPIRAL  lights:28 W30 X H72


1800-W/G  Lights: 2


SP1800-36 x45/G  Lights: 22

1800-16F/G Lights:


1800-20F/S Lights:10



SP1800-42/G  Lights: 32

1800-20/s  lights: 12


1800-20/G  lights: 12


Model Number Dimension J & P low price
1800-W W12 X H10
1800-12F  W12X H9
1800-16F W16 X H10
1800-20F W20 X H10
1800-36F W36 X H16
1800-16 W16 X H20
1800-20 W20 X H26
1800-24 W24 X H32
1800-28 W28 X H36
1800-36 X 66 W36 X H66
1800-42 W42 X H72
SP1800-36X45 W36 X H45
SP1800-36X66 W36 X H66
SP1800-42     W42X H72 


Some lighting would be some crystal! No one can bid the factory price!
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